The following 7 pictures are not in the right place.
During day 6 we were docked at RHODES, a Greek island we had visited in a previous cruise.
We decided not to go on any tour and spend the day in the ship
in peace and enjoy the day
while most people were visiting the island.
Because we only had 6 pictures from that day, I combined them with day 9,
when we were at  sea, and once again, we had taken very few pictures.
 So, here are the few pictures taken those days.

This picture with Renato was actually taken on Day 1.
It was taken as we were about to be seated for the first time going to dinner in the Main Dinning Room.
 It's a good example of how everyone was in a good mood ...
and we all got a good laugh with Renato joking trying to sit in a baby seat.
 Too good not to be included in this great collection of special memories.

Relaxing overlooking Rhodes city

DAY  9


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